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4D is one of the latest facelift surgical technology, which rejuvenates the patient’s youthful appearance without pain or the need for a recovery period.

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Le Palais Clinic intriduces “Eximia Hr Platinum”
A special and unique FDA approved Device that helps you to reach your Ideal body shape in hard parts to think and resize even with sports and intensive exercises.
Combining cold laser technology that breaks down fat cells under the skin and self-injection of fat solvents using electroporation technology.
The process is Non-Invasive and results are visible after only 7 sessions – in just two weeks.

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Clinically proven laser device  for patients with onychomycosis, or nail fungus.

Safe and effective, this in-office treatment requires no local anaesthetic, and typically takes only about 30 minutes to complete. Our Fungus Nail Clinic is focused on eradicating nail fungus.  

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In Le palais clinic, We use the latest non-surgical face-lift technologies.
Fotona 4D that is known to enhance the softness of the skin, fight wrinkles and improve the fullness of the face, and it also helps to restore the youth of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen responsible for tightening the skin and restoring the full shape of the face without the need to resort to filler or Botox injections.

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Because everyone is different, we use three diagnostic procedures for your hair conditions; trichoscopy, Hair Gen Device, and scalp biopsy. Afterward, we will tailor you the most suitable therapy for your case.

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OxyGeneo is an advanced form of oxygen therapy. We in Le Palais Clinic use it to provide an effective skin rejuvenation regimen. OxyGeneo is a patented technology proven to be effective by enabling the skin to produce its own oxygen, reducing wrinkles and lines, and leaving skin looking young and radiant.

Techniques like OxyGeneo work regardless of age, race or skin type in a painless, non-invasive way. The main benefit of OxyGeneo is that it treats the skin at a deeper level which makes it very effective and long lasting.

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In Le Palais Clinic we use Fotona SP Dynamis, Because technology is undoubtedly important, as is choosing the ideal laser technology that is suitable for each individual’s skin and hair to avoid painful sessions with burns and discomfort. 

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The Best Technique Immediate & Efficient Result

We offer a total scope of skin care and rejuvenation techniques, performed by talented and energetic experts certified in that field. Our Devices run from protection dermatology (counting skin and cells renewing and the treatment of it's issues).

Our motivation is to separate ourselves as a medical procedure that gives far-reaching dermatology and cosmetic surgeries of the extremely most astounding quality that upgrades our patients’ lives. 

General Questions

What to Expect after hair removal session?

Relatively pain free. Hair growth will slow down more with each session.

You will feel the difference from the very first session.

What to avoid after hair removal session?

⦁ Avoid other hair removal methods between sessions.

⦁ Refrain from bleaching, waxing, threading or hair removal throughout the treatment period.

⦁ Refrain from applying henna to the treated areas for 7-10 days before and after treatment.

⦁ Avoid sunbathing and exposure to direct sunlight for at least two weeks after treatment.

⦁ Apply sunscreen regularly, 20 minutes before going out and reapply it two or three times during the day.

Can I have a summer trip after the sessions?

You need to avoid direct exposure to sun for the very first days, then you should apply Sun screen with a minimum 30 SPF.

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