Laser Hair Removal; Is it worth it?

laser hair removal at Le palais clinic

Laser hair removal has been the most common cosmetic procedure in the last few years as it could give you the smooth and silky skin that you always dream about. So, if you are not happy with traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or tweezing, the laser will be your best choice.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of laser hair removal, how this technique works and what you can expect from it.

What is laser hair removal?

It is a cosmetic procedure that uses concentrated laser light to remove unwanted hair. It could be used in many areas like arms, legs, back, chest, bikini, chin, and upper lip.

During this procedure, the laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair called melanin. Then, the light energy is converted to heat which damage the hair follicle thus inhibiting or delaying hair growth. Laser hair removal is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair, but it could be successfully used on all skin types.

Benefits of hair removal by laser

In the following points, you can find why laser prefer the best choice

  1. Precision:
    laser can selectively target dark hair while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  2. Speed:
    each pulse of the laser can target many hairs at the same time.
  3. Safe and effective:
    it is the most efficient hair reduction technology and it works for all skin types.
  4. Permanent hair reduction:
    unlike other hair removal methods, laser hair removal could give you permanent results.
  5. Convenient and cost-effective:
    you will not have to spend more money on other hair removal methods as it removes and reduces hair permanently.
  6. Disadvantages of shaving and waxing:
    you can avoid all the disadvantages of other traditional methods like pain, inflammation, or strawberry skin.

How laser hair removal works 

Our doctors in le Palais lasic clinic will examine your skin and hair type to choose the best laser power and create a personalized hair removal plan for you.  Our laser equipment uses a large spot size that can target multiple hair follicles at the same time. It could be used for dark and light skin tones.

The laser equipment is adjusted according to the color, thickness, and location of the hairs and also, your skin tone. A cooling device is attached to protect your skin from the heat of the laser. You might feel discomfort like a pinprick and this is normal.

With each session, the hair is reduced. The initial laser hair removal course is about 8-12 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart depending on your hair and skin type.

How to prepare for hair removal by laser

How to prepare for laser hair removal 

How to prepare for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is more than just zapping the unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure that requires some preparations to get the maximum benefit from it. 

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your laser session:

  • You have to shave the treatment area the night before your laser session.
  • Avoid using wax, pricking, or other hair removal methods that target hair roots for six weeks before the session.
  • Avoid sun exposure for 2-3 weeks before and after your treatment and always use sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • You can use a local topical anesthetic before your session for at least 30 minutes to avoid any pain or pricking.
  • You will need to wear appropriate eye protection during the procedure.
  • If you have an infection like a bacterial infection or cold sores, the procedure shouldn`t be performed.
  • Avoid using any products that irritate your skin.

What to expect after laser hair removal 

You may feel some tingling and burning sensation after the laser session so, you can use anti-inflammatory creams to soothe your skin.

The recovery time is minimal and you can return to your normal life directly after the laser session. Just don`t forget to use sunscreen whenever you are exposed to the sun.

You can see a reduction in the number of hairs directly after the session. Most people notice 10-25% hair reduction after the first session. When you complete your laser treatment you will need a touch-up session yearly to maintain the effect.

Are there any risks or side effects?

The most common side effects include:

  1. Swelling.
  2. Redness.
  3. Skin irritation and discomfort.

These symptoms usually subside during the next 2 or 3 days. If they persist you have to contact your doctor. There are some less common side effects which include:

  1. Scars.
  2. Burns.
  3. Changes in skin color.
  4. Blister.
  5. infection.

So, you have to choose a clinic that follows all quality control guides and has certified dermatologists to avoid any side effects that might happen.

Le Palais lasic clinic will be your safety gate to get the maximum benefit from laser hair removal sessions. With our qualified staff and high-end laser equipment, you will go through a totally different experience.